Bespoke Orders

1. General

1.1 The creation of Bespoke Orders will be undertaken in full confidence and discretion of the person ordering the commission. From time to time we may request that the design is recreated for further sales and marketing purposes – this will be undertaken in full knowledge of the person that has placed the order.

1.2 The design and all rights associated with it are still owned by Savage & Rose, however files of all the final designs associated with the piece created are passed over to the individual that has commissioned the design.

1.3 We do not allow the individual who has commissioned the piece to market / sell the product as their own.

1.4 An estimate of the cost of undertaking the Bespoke Order will be given at any stage that the client requests. The estimate is an approximation of the cost of the job being undertaken and is based upon similar previous jobs and the cost of the precious metals, diamonds and gemstones being used.

1.5 We will not be held to this price as the confirmed finished price. A quotation will be issued when the finished design is approved. We will however hold this price for seven days from the date that the quotation is issued due to the fluctuation of prices of precious metals, diamonds and gemstones.

1.6 Bespoke Orders require complete payment on approval of the design and confirmation of the order.

1.7 All Bespoke Orders are payable by BACS transfer only details of which will be confirmed at point of Order confirmation.

1.8 Production and delivery timescale of Bespoke Orders are dependent on complexity of the piece commissioned. We estimate an average time frame of 5-7 weeks from start to delivered item received.

2. Supply to us of loose stone(s)/jewellery for Bespoke Orders

12.2.1 When we are supplied loose stone(s) or jewellery by Clients for the purposes of Bespoke Orders in certain instances we will ask for 'proof of origin'. This protects you and us against unethical and criminal practices. We reserve the right to refuse to proceed with the Bespoke Order if the requisite paperwork is not provided.

3. Examination and Assessment

3.1 In the event that you wish to commission a Bespoke Order, from a loose diamond or gemstone, we will need to examine the gemstone to determine the correct way to proceed.

3.2 We will submit a quotation to you when the Jewellery has been examined by a working jeweller.

3.3 The examination process may take up to 2 weeks for the quotation to be confirmed. If gemstones need to be tested there may be an additional cost. You will be informed of this cost at the earliest convenience.

3.4 Savage & Rose reserves the right to refuse to work with loose diamonds or gemstones (as supplied by the Client)

4. Estimates, Quotations and Order Processing

4.1 Estimates are approximate calculations for the cost of undertaking an order. At no stage is Savage & Rose liable to uphold an estimate.

4.2 A quotation from Savage & Rose formalises a previous estimate which confirms the current market price for your order. Once a quotation is received you are required to confirm in writing via email or letter that the quotation is approved before production can proceed. We will only commence work once we have received this as written confirmation.

4.3 Quotations that are provided by us are valid for one month only; after this time, we will re-quote since the price of jewellery-based commodities (such as diamonds, gemstones and precious metals) is liable to change.

4.4 We determine in our sole discretion whether to proceed or not with any Bespoke Order.

4.5 Should the order not be accepted by us, Savage & Rose will return the loose gemstones, diamonds or jewellery by exactly the same method of delivery receipt free of charge.

5. Shipping / Delivery

5.1 Shipping an item to us

When an item of jewellery is sent to us for Bespoke Order purposes the cost of delivering/shipping the item to us for examination/assessment will be covered by you. We would advise that any item(s) sent to us under the value of £2,500 are sent via Royal Mail Special Delivery Next Day. Any items over the value of £2,500 should be sent to us by a recognised courier.

5.2 Communication of shipping an item to us

We should be informed of all delivery details prior to any item being sent to us. It is the customers' responsibility to advise Savage & Rose of any item being sent to us.

5.3 Postal Damage and Loss

5.3.1 We do not take any responsibility for the loss or damage to pieces of jewellery or loose stone(s) before receipt at our registered address.

5.3.2 We strongly recommend that all our customers pack their item(s) of jewellery/own gemstone(s) in a Royal Mail Special Delivery envelope (value under £2,500) to minimise the risk of damage. This envelope does not guarantee that the piece of jewellery will be received in the same condition as when it was sent. If your piece(s) of jewellery/own gemstone(s) are lost in the post or during delivery any claim must be made directly to the carrier.

5.3.4 We will cover the cost of returning orders/packages and non-orders up to the value of £2,500. Savage & Rose will deliver these items by Royal Mail Special Delivery Next Day, and these items are fully insured.

5.3.5 We recommend that all orders/packages over the value of £2,500 are handled by our expert courier.

5.3.6 Any orders or packages that are to be delivered to an area outside of the UK will be quoted for on an individual basis.

6. Returns and Exchange Policy for Bespoke Orders

6.1 Bespoke items cannot be exchanged or returned and will be refused if shipped to us for the purpose of a return or refund.

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