What does the Circle collection represent?

Published 17th January
What does the Circle collection represent?

The circle is a metaphor for eternality, something that is enduring and complete in its entirety, one which goes on without any cusps or alcoves. Savage and Rose’s Circle Collection is a designer gold jewellery series, a eulogy inspired from this quintessential geometric shape that makes a perfect insignia for infinite aesthetic sentiments and unbroken eternal bonds.

The Circle Collection features delicate chain pendants, chic earrings and eccentric bracelets carved and crafted in gold and doused with the subtle shimmer of cubic zirconia. Coiled, spherical, radial and intertwined helices – the collection entails multiple design interpretations of the basic geometric shape.

The collection is a metaphorical tribute to all things perpetual, robust and infinite in their confined absoluteness.

Each individual piece of the collection has been crafted to perfection and has been infused with dabs of artistic finesse and charm. The Circle Collection further extends to segregate into Piccadilly, Lancelot, Bond, Reece and Riley ranges, each one being an improvised synonym of the basic geometrical shape.

Be it the simplistic regalia of Piccadilly featuring simple and basic chains, bracelets and pendants, the mystical mazes of Lancelot, the stygian silhouettes of Bond or the alluring coils and helices of Reece – the designs are diverse as well as unique, perfect to reflect the essence of one’s personality. Whether you have a thing for all things simple and subtle or are naturally drawn to mystique and enigma, there is something for everyone to make a style statement and leave a unique impression.

Light-weight with an inkling impression, the prime philosophy of the circle collection revolves around making gold a daily wearable item to compliment all moods, occasions, and ambiances from dawn till dusk.

From the ambitious career-oriented woman that has the world on her fingertips to the belle femme in the evening proms - no matter how many masks you put on and take off throughout the day, a whimsical piece of chain draped around your wrist or embracing your nape would suffice to bring you into the limelight, whatever the time is wherever you are.

The Circle Collection is a memento of your eternal charm and femininity enclosed within this unbroken and eternal circular bond. All pieces of the collection are endorsed and hallmarked by the Assay Office in London in full compliance with the Hallmarking Act 1973. This is a lifetime assurance of value and quality that comes enclosed with the little bundles of pleasure that you purchase at Savage and Rose.

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