Golden South Sea Pearls – The Largest and Most Luxurious Pearls

Golden South Sea Pearls – The Largest and Most Luxurious Pearls

South Sea pearls originate from Indonesia and Philippines and it is rarer than gold. Produced by Gold-Lipped Oysters, Pinctada Maxima, this has a natural golden sheen. The time span of growth is 20-24 months.

Facts about Golden South Sea Pearls

These rare pearls range in colour from champagne to deep gold and have perfect round to baroque shapes. Most of the production comes from the farms in Southern Filipino islands and from here travel to different parts of the world to cater to the consumer needs. Indonesia is the second-largest producer of this commodity. Successful cultivation of the pearls depends upon multiple factors and these have to come together in perfect harmony to achieve the desired product quality. These are among the largest pearls cultured anywhere in the world and range in sizes 8-20mm through selective oyster breeding and specific tissue selection.

The value factors of Golden South Sea Pearls

Colours: the natural gold colour is rare, unique in the series and in general, is anything between deep gold and creamy white with champagne and yellow hues available as well. Each of these colours is unique making each pearl special and incomparable with the golden variety being the catch of the pile.

Shapes: the round shape is the rarest with the drop, baroque, circle, and button shapes being the common ones. Necklace with South Sea pearls due to its rarity is highly valued. This is a large variety in general with thick nacre and so you hardly find the perfectly spherical shape common in saltwater pearls.

Sizes: just like its shape and colour, the size of the pearl is also impressive. These pearls become quite large with the average being in 10-13 millimetre range with some being exceptionally large at the 20-millimetre size. This makes it among the largest varieties available in the market loved by the consumers.

Where do they come from?

Philippines and Indonesia are the major suppliers of golden pearls in the world today with Australia making up a small market percentage, as they are the predominant producers of the white pearls. Producers of South Sea pearls participate in an auction to sell these golden pearls and these events offer a mixture of golden and white pearls to those interested. Held multiple times yearly in Hong Kong and Japan these are the best places to find the choicest harvested pieces.

Why Golden South Sea Pearls are among the largest in the world?

Compared to the other saltwater counterparts, these pearls grow uncommonly large because of the following reasons:

  • Pinctada maxima have a large size
  • Size of implanted bead
  • Duration of growth inside the oyster
  • Oyster’s environment

The big size of oyster allows it to accept large beads resulting in the creation of the largest possible pearls. This variety of oyster has large gonads and this facilitates faster deposition of nacre around nucleus especially with warm water speeding up their metabolism.

The speciality of the South Sea is the presence of rich, clean, and plankton filled waters. This plankton is the favourite source of food for this variety of oyster, the Pinctada. The abundant supply of food along with the presence of clean water hastens the speed of nacre production. Even its growth period is substantially longer than the other varieties. The producers harvest the pearls only after two years minimal period to facilitate the achievement of the largest possible size sought after by the consumers.

Pinctada maxima have two varieties-gold-lipped and silver lipped distinguished by outer edge interior coloration. This is the mother-of-pearl and its colours these cultured pearls, giving it its name. This oyster accepts just one nucleation and is nucleated when half developed.

What makes Golden South Sea Pearls so unique?

Several distinct features are unique to the gem making them special in every way. It has unusually thick nacre that ranges from 2-6 millimetres compared to 0.35-0.7millimetre averages. These have satiny, unique lustre originating from warm South Sea waters and rapid deposition of nacre. These pearls have a subtle colour range starting from white to silver, to golden, this last being a rare occurrence. Among the cultured pearls in the market, these are the most valuable varieties available today so highly desirable.

Our jewellery that looks luxurious with Golden South Sea Pearls

Necklaces: Our fine fine necklaces with South Sea Pearls form some of the mesmerizing jewellery pieces that you come across. This gives a touch of elegance to any outfit so that you exude effortless class in any event. This has a muted sophistication so you do not have to give much effort yet are able to appear your best and get compliments for your special choice. This has a glorious golden hue that adorns the neck making it the perfect piece for fine dining or formal events.

Earrings:  Our fine earrings with Golden South Sea pearls are just as popular as the necklace making them the perfect gifting products. The pearls have amazing colours and in combination with other stones, these appear dazzling and blends perfectly when set in yellow gold. These large pearls compel you to admire their beauty and help the wearers to make waves. It has a round shape and mirror-like brightness so that it complements your outfit perfectly. Just put them on and you are ready to go out and make a splash.